So why “A House With More Biggerness”?

This phrase came from my then three year old son, Henry, when he wanted to set up a bigger model train set.

Six years later, we are starting the process of “more biggerness.”

Our house, where we’ve lived since October, 2001:


Note the one story addition on the right. We think that a previous owner built it and got it approved as an enclosed porch, then built a bathroom on the sly.

It’s going to be replaced with a two story addition like this:

Why move the front door?  That’s where the galley kitchen is now, and that space will become an entry with closets and a bench.  One of the pricier parts of the redux, but makes everything work much, much more smoothly when you enter our house.

Which brings me to the whole money thing.  Larry’s mom Carol died in August 2010, and we are now settling the estate. We’ll be able to pay @2/3 of the project with the money we’ve received from Carol.  It still makes me incredibly nervous to take out a loan, partly because of the economic situation, and partly because of my own reluctance to spend on something that, for most of my life, has been a frivolous luxury – space.

So… I write.  For therapy?  Maybe. To organize my thoughts on it, definitely. To record my attempts to save every penny that we can on this.




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